He can't give me what I need? Need male perspective?

My boyfriend of 8 months recently left me. We were friends for a long time before he pursued me and we were very happy together. However I'm a Christian and he's a Muslim and his parents don't like me.

One day he asked me what I wanted out of our relationship. I said it was too early and I didn't know but I wanted to keep dating. Then he said he couldn't give me what I needed, he was so bad for me and I deserved much better. But he wanted to stay friends, because he wanted me in his life.

I missed him so I admit I've tried to hook up with him a few times but he told me that I can't do that because he wants a true friendship with me. He really makes an effort to be my friend.

Why is he doing this?


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  • he is trying to fall out of love

    • This is probably a lot to ask but could you shed any light on what he is thinking? I just can't see anything from his perspective :-(

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    • Hi sorry me again, he really wants to be my friend. I'm really confused, he broke up with me, why does he want to keep me around? You seem to know what you're talking about lol

    • If he ignore you, he might feel lonely and distressful..

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  • as a true Muslim he shouldn't/can't date I don't think unless he plans to marry that female.
    which may explain why he not only asked you that question about what your intentions are (you wanted) out of this relationship.
    and also may explain other things as well.
    you may want to get a little more knowledgeable about the Muslim religion. I am not so familiar myself but I believe that is the case.

  • he might already have an arranged marriage


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  • Please let this go, and know that this is in YOUR best interest. People from this culture don't change for anyone. If his parents won't accept you, any day the Muslim wife will be picked for him by his family, and he will marry her.

    • I'm trying :-) Thank you

  • Maybe he is getting pressure from his family, because of the religion differences


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