Is my ex holding me back from moving on?

How can you tell if your ex is holding you back as you date new people? My ex and I parted on good terms and have exchanged a few texts, just to say hello. But I find myself thinking about him a lot, and I am not as interested in checking my dating website as I once was. The guys I've dated recently seem kind of dull. Is this just a phase I'm going through or could my ex be holding me back on a subconscious level?

Have you found yourself in a similar situation? How did you determine it was happening and how did you get around it?


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  • Is he forcing you to not move on? Is he using psychic powers to hold you? Is he threatening you? He is doing none of those things. You are the only one holding you back from moving on. How dan you think he is holding you back?


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  • You just need to wait. It isn't always going to be like this. You'll move on soon, and then your ex will be the least of your concern.
    Till that times arrives though, just try to divert yourself, you're bound to run into someone interesting.
    Took me 1 year to completely get over my last ex.


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  • you sound crazy. He is holding me back with his mind. Its you, you are not ready

    • I sound crazy? I thought this was a perfectly reasonable question.

    • not the subconsciously holding me back

  • Of course he is, you're stuck in the past this way. It's time to cut contact or else you'll never be able to give 100% to a relationship - and if you can't give 100% then it is destined to fail.

  • How are your texts? Do you think he may want the relationship back?

    • The texts are very friendly, and reflect the good connection we have always had. Perhaps there is some hope of us getting back together somewhere in my mind that I'm not entirely aware of, and this could be holding me back. That is what I mean by subconscious level. Thanks for answering.

    • Your welcome. That's good communication right there. How long were you guys together? Maybe remind him of that to make him think of all the good times you had

    • I guess this whole thread is making me realize I'm not being held back, I just want the relationship back. Should I ask him to get together or leave it to him? It's been about 6 or 7 weeks since we've seen each other.

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