How to respond to ex's message?

Ok guys and girls. I recently got a message from an ex who I haven't spoken to in around 18 months and we've been broken up around 2 yrs. It was a general message just wanting to say hi but he asked "what have you been up to?" and im not sure how to respond. Obviously a lot would have happened in 18 months but I dont want to re-hash the entire 18 months...but don't want to say "Yeah not much. Same old same old." mainly because "same old" now would be different to what it was 2 yra ago. How do I play it cool without sounding boring? And without giving him my life story?

I'm really kind of lost for words with this one so help would be appreciated.
Thanks you both. Have no idea how much you guys helped. I ended up using both ideas. Didn't give too much away re: what i had been up to but a few hints on work and travel. Think things went fairly well.


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  • Give him a run-through of all the coolest stuff you have accomplished/done over the past 18 months. Stuff like hobbies you've picked up, or if you've been going to the gym, or if you've got a new job. Stuff like that


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  • tell him that things are going great on your side


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