GF broke up a week ago now talking as if nothing happened?

My gf for a year broke up with me just over a week ago. Now she sent me message yesterday 'hey how are u'
i replied today and we talked as if nothing happened; like friends.
what kind of indication is this. I mean i want her back but it hurts to know it was so easy for her?


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  • Dont reply, she's trying to wear you out, she knows abit of you wants her back and she might too but she wants you to beg. Dont. she just broke up with you, have some respect and ignore her. What will you gain in the long term? you'll get back together on her terms and she'll comfortable to break up with you again, and again and again. If you dont worst case scenerio your single and you meet a new girl, new relationship but with the lessons learnt with this girl.

    She's clearly trying to test how much you still want her and if you respond you are trading in your self respect, because she's clearly over it. If you dont reply she will most likely realise your gone and if she really wants to work things out she'll text again, I would wait till she calls. If you dont text her back she will definitely call you and when she does-then you talk

    • I guess your right. I was feeling better before but after talking to her like a friend i felt worse. I'll try not to reply if she messages again.however. She did view the ecard I sent her but didn't reply anything. maybe she feels guilty for what she did and was trying to make herself better?

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  • It could mean a lot of things. She might be talking with you to help herself feel better about breaking your heart. If you want to get back together with her, I wouldn't waste time just talking to her like a friend. Either ignore her and move on (or at least pretend like you are so she'll want you back) or just be genuine with her and tell her you want to get back together.


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  • In my experience...Men do this quite often. Break up and go marry the next girl.I honestly have no idea

  • It sounds like she couldn't see marriage or anything like that but could see you as a friend. She still cares for you.

    • Maybe but we both agreed on the fact that we would wanna marry each other in the future

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