Bad break up... advice... please?

plain and simple my bf dumped me right after I told him I was in the hospital for the night because of a four-wheeling accident and that couldn't talk long...and would probably fall asleep if we talked much longer.

his break up TEXT

"Alright babe I hope you get heal quickly. love you shortcake. I wish i was there to hold your hand and make any pain go away i don't want you hurt buttercup. but your excuses are making me bored tired and sick if you don't want to talk and don't want to work for this relationship then why are you still here... don't give me any fucking shit excuse that this is not just another fucking excuses first your mom was in the hospital, then your phone went dead etc... your just making me tired and tired at every step! im not the one that need to work more on this relationship.. its you that needs to.. you know what I know what would make me and your father very happy.. tie a cinder block to your waist and jump in the fucking lake. you are a Fat ass disappointment to me and your family. oh and by the way you were a fucking accident you were never supposed to be born. your mom and dad both agreed that they didn't want you as a child and still don't.. they told me if they could have one thing that one thing would be to kill you and have their son back.. and I know i lead you on making you think i was going to propose to you well guess what that was me acting your a bitch and a virgin slut.. go die... oh and if i haven't made it clear enough for you dumbass we are over bye bye buttercup"

so any advice you can give me? I've only been in 2 relationships the first one ended with death after 4 years this one ended like this after almost a year.
umm new question... I still love him and he just texted me that it was all a mistake and that he wants me back im scared.. and don't know what to say.. im still hurt by what he did.. what should I say?


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  • How long has you been with this cunt?

    • 17th June would be our 1 year

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    • Thanks for Most Helpful :) if you wanna chat more let me know i'm here

    • hey. thank you and your welcome. but you really did help me the most and thinking about what you said made a lot of sense and made things a little easier to deal with and accept. any ways I hope you are having a day/night :) and send me a message anytime if you wanna talk. :)

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  • I'm sorry to hear it ended at all, especially with him doing it via text message. However, from what he wrote, it sounds like you'er better off without him. It appears that he is a selfish, arrogant ass with the emotional maturity of a 5 year old.

    A good relationship should have some give and take, and it's perfectly normal that if someone goes through any personal issues such as your mom being in the hospital followed by you being in the hospital, your significant other should be able to stick through this temporary setback and at the very least provide some support to you. Instead of doing any of that, it sounds like he just got his panties in a knot and decided to bitch about how you're not paying 'enough' attention to him.

    Move on from him and find somebody who you deserve. :)

  • Wow, you definitely deserve way better. He sounds verbally abusive. Find a guy who will cherish you and treat you well.

  • Move on he is emotionally abusive and no one deserves that walkbaway now before it gets physical


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