How do I get him to talk to me please help?

I tried to break up with my ex cause he was with another girl he lied about it I belived him then he broke up with me he said we could be friends but I said no he hasn't talk to me since I have texted him a lot he dated the girl a week and she broke up with him I was really mean to him when we dated but I said sorry for that I lost my virginty to this guy I really love him he did everything with me he sent me paragraphs saying he loved me every night when we dated


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  • You loved the guy but was mean to him when he dated? Sometimes you just can't get someone to talk to you no matter what you try, you might get lucky and he will message you but at least if he doesn't you will know the reason and can learn from it:)

    • Do you think I should just not text him or anything for a while and see if he talks to me do you think that will wkrk

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  • A very sharp knife to the throat usually does the trick for me..


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  • Awwww...

    No seriously fuck him. You don't need him in your life. Sounds like a bad deal to me.


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