Don't understand why my ex's girlfriend, can't keep my name out of her mouth?

My ex recently is in jail for some driving tickets, which he'll be out soon. The girl keeps lying to his family saying he's going to be transferred on a certain day, which he never was transferred. They'd have me call, and then the girl ends up looking retarded. What I don't understand is why when they are all together, she randomly brings my name up when no one talks about me? Does she feel my ex still loves me? I'm always the only one she ever mentions and we've never even met.
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Everyone, I have an update guys. Today my ex got out of jail, and one of his aunts saw him walking. So she picked him up, and he asked her di di go to the party. She said yes he asked how i was so i'm guessing my ex still loves and misses me.


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  • How does she mention you?
    To me it seems like she's insecure, and by talking about you constantly, she's somehow taking control of the situation and keeping track of you in her mind? I'm not sure, it sounds pretty weird to me. She might be jealous too, especially if she's talking shit (is she?).

    • She mentioned me a few months ago during the superbowl. Saying oh i bet you were all in love with her, and they said he stayed quiet and laughed. Like blowing off what she said. She's too scared to talk shit


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  • Why is his ex still talking to his family about him?

  • She secretly is crushing on you

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    • She feel threatned by you obviously. Your ex probably mentions you to her or physically you look better than her.

    • That's what I was thinking, because I've never met her. My ex uses her for things, and with me he didn't. I mean he asked for stuff, but that girl has to spend money she bought his love with money.

  • She wants to fuck ya
    Or maybe she's mad that you still care about him

    • I haven't spoken to him in months, and she just brings me up out of nowhere. I think it's because my ex treated me better than he did her, he never made me work. Now she has to work and do everything for him. That's what I can think of.

    • Maybe he still talks about you

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