Do you ignore your ex even though you are still in love with them?

question above is my question. 50 charcters limit thing sucks
I mean if you do ignore them why do you ignore them and yet you're still in love with them?


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  • Yeah I did for a while. Here's how it went.

    After we broke up, we didn't see or talk to each other for 3 weeks. Then I felt healed enough to see him, so I went to hang out with him. He got drunk and got rather affectionate with me, which reminded me that I was still in love with him. So then I didn't hang out with him again for 3 months. He texted me occasionally and I responded, but I kept myself at a distance. It was just too hard to be around him.

    It's now been 6 months since we broke up and I'm still in love with him. We now talk every day and we hang out pretty frequently. It messes with my head like crazy, but I love him too much to stay away from him. If I was smart, I would probably cut contact with him since it hurts to be around him. But I'm unwilling to let him go.


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  • I don't exactly ignore the ex I'm still in love with. I'm just not ready to make contact with him yet.
    When we broke up he mentioned more than once about not cutting ties, being friends and me still being part of his life. He has yet to make any contact with me since.
    Plus he has now moved on and in a new relationship, so that's something else I have to adjust to.

  • Well I'm still in love with my ex, but if they don't want to be with you, move on. But if you're both still in love with each other but it's not working out then just give it some times and space. If you're meant to be together things will fall into place.

  • You seen to be stuck in some cycle. You love them you love them not. Get out of it, you guys broke up for a reason, have you forgotten about what you need? Dont settle for less, you deserve to loved 100% :) remember that

  • Yes I don't speak to my ex I am in love with. He wanted to be friends and take things slow, but how could we when he has a new girlfriend? It's not fair to her or me. I would rather not speak to him, to get over everything, than be friends with him.


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