My ex and I have a lot of history. Many years together. I'm curious why he's doing what he's doing?

He initiated contact after 2 months of NC...he asked how I am and then a few days later texted Happy Easter. Since then, we have texted weekly. Two weeks ago, he texted me good morning and then said he had just driven by my work place and "thought he might see me". I told him that was odd to want to see me...we are BROKEN UP!!! I also suspect he's dating why is he texting me? Help!!! I still love this man VERY much!! Yesterday was his birthday and I did not text him since he is no longer my man. :(
Should I have? Thanks in advance for your advice!!


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  • He might want second chance. Why did you two break up?

    • Many reasons... :(

    • Himm I asked if there is sth you can't forgive/ heal from this relationship, no need to even mention his name. Usually ( exceptions can be of course) ex is ex for a good reason.

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