We both haven't really committed to anyone since the break up 5 years ago could that mean we are meant to be?

I'm about to be 24. In our break up both of us wanted different things. We both wanted to pursue what we wanted. We both were stubborn to leave each other which turned into fighting and irritability. I wanted her to stay in town she wanted something bigger to go to school a few states away. I wanted to enter this program which she hated because I'd be gone away for weekends which was times she can frequently see me. She was too busy on weekdays. I sometimes felt like she was pushing me away not on purpose but subconsciously to get what she wanted and I soon got myself tangled up with someone else. We were young and stupid. That's how we ended. Messy. I do miss her on occasion and when she finished her school she came back in town to stay. I never had a long term relationship because I keep on thinking about her or in bed I just remember her and did things she liked. It's been so long and we haven't spoke. I see her in pictures and she is single as well. I talk to our mutual friend and she still talks about me sometimes and what could have been. She never had a long term relationship. Is this a sign we should be together? How do I go on and talk to her without it being so awkward?


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  • You both were very young back then. I believe in second chances so you should just ask the mutual friend if she can "accidentally" make you guys meet. Say make her run an errand and you be there. Say hi. Or ask your mutual friend to check if she's still into you. Some girls would like to leave healed wounds alone.


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