Revenge from on my ex is it worthy?

girl hurted many times I treated her as queen and she meant to hurt me many times and then dumped me at the end,

once she knew I got over her and I am in relationship with other girl she called me i pickup the call normaly and she was saying I miss you bla bla I was just saying ok nothing important, but today I have feeling of taking revenge from her and call her to tell her you outside my lifeeee you got it outsideeeeeeee cheap

what should I do she really hurted me many many times.


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  • Definitely not worth it. Just ignore her, if she is trying to hurt you again, ignoring her causes her to be unable to affect you...which in turn would annoy her. And that serves close enough as a 'revenge'. Anyway, to make things short: Revenge isn't worth it.


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  • No revenge will prolly hurt you more then her. Yes we want to make people feel just as bsd as we do but once you do thst itll just make you feel worse. The best revenge is going on with your life and ignoring the hell out of her calls and texts. there's a saying that if you take revenge you might as well did a grave for you and the person your willing to waste all your time and effort taking revenge when you can put your time into something positive and happy.

  • the best revenge you can have is just being indifferent to her because if you take your phone to tell her this abviously it means you still care about her because you took some of your time for her. Just live your life to the fullest without paying any attention to her. That would make her crazy


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