I have real bad problems getting over my ec?

i have real bad problems getting over my ex bf i have no feelings for him but i just always think about him and miss him i just dont understand why i alwasy think ofthe good times


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  • That's normal, missing him. Just keep yourself busy, hang out with friends, focus on school/work and eventually you'll realize that you stopped thinking about him. That's about what I did. It takes a while sometimes, but you'll be fine.

    • I don't understand why though i have no feelings for him what so ever everyday i think about him and wonder what he feels about me and how he's doing i miss talking to him he cut all contact with me in march and got

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    • Ah :/ That's happened to me before. Guys just get over things faster I guess. Or sometimes people get another girlfriend/boyfriend to help them forget about the previous one. I knew someone who did that. It's probably a habit, to be thinking about him everyday.

    • Maybe one day we'll meet again and hopefully have a proper relationship I feel so bad for treating him bad we always argued maybe that's why he thought why bother is she's gonna be horrible to me all the time he never once had a go at me it was always me. I regret that horribleness to him I really do.

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