Is it completely over? Will a break really help? Or is he trying to let me down softly?

I got drunk for the first time with my BF of one month. He was not drunk and said he loved me during sex. After we were done I asked if he loved me and he said yes even though I knew he just said it to make me happy. The next night, sober, I asked him the same question and he said it's too soon. I completely agree. The following weekend he blew me off because of work and friends which he's never done the entire time we've been dating. I asked him to fix it and he didn't. I knew his feelings changed even though he kept denying it and he broke up with me. He said we are moving too fast and he can't give me what I deserve right now. He said he wants a short break. I asked him if he remembered saying what he said during sex and he said no.

Is it completely over? Will a short break fix anything or does he just not have the balls to call it quits permanately?

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate the time you take to read my story.
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  • Unfortunately it's over between you two. This girl I dated did the same thing to me.

    Just move on, you'll find someone better like I did - be brave.

    • You said I love u but didn't mean it. And she was too pushy?

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    • Yup yup. Should I block his number? I kinda just want it done.

    • So you should Question Asker... the least you can do is show him you weren't what he thinks you were... let him suffer the loss.

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  • Move on. You're a cute girl in your sexual-attractiveness prime. Don't waste time on any guy.

    • LOL @ "Sexual-attractiveness prime" ... she's in her early to mid twenties.

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