Why am I dreaming about my ex?

So things did not end well between me and my ex. He kicked me out in anger after I called him out on lying about talking to his ex for a second time (and then he lied about lying!) Anyway, he kicked me out of our apartment because he found that too 'controlling' for me to complain about that...so I packed up what I could fit in my small car and drove 4 hours to my parent's home. It's been a little over 2 months since we broke up and he's been the ex from hell even though HE broke up with me, he's acting like I hurt him, he's withholding my furniture and clothes I left, he's hitting on my best friend, joined a dating website 5 days after we broke up (even though I said I still loved him and wanted to work things out) Point is, he broke up with me and then acted very vindictive about it which makes no sense as it was his decision. So during the day I have been really 'over' him. I have gone on dates, I've been texting someone new, and I'm active in my social life each week. I do not have my stuff back from him however because he will not cooperate (again, even though this was his decision)
I find him almost creepy now since his behavior has been so horrible and I don't want who he is now back...Yet I dream about him almost every night. Last night I dreamed about Christmas with his family. It's very frustrating because during the day I am fine and then I dream about him and it makes each morning about reflecting about him and I don't know why I am doing this?
I don't get it because the break up and post break up was so awful and during the day I'm totally fine/don't even think of him 99 percent of the time.


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  • He seems crazy

  • Maybe you're just lonely and want to be with someone. We can't create new faces in our dreams so since he's the last person you are with, it makes sense you're dreaming his face but it's not him.


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