Is this a good sign or bad sign? Does it mean something? Guys and girls help please , what do you think about that!!?

My ex husband invited me to have dinner with him with our kids in a very expensive restaurant and he didn't stop looking at me all the night and he was smiling at me and talking with me and asking about my life and if there's someone in my life i felt that I'm in a date hahaha but i liked that so much because i really love him and we felt that we're family again and we were happy together then i back to my house with my kids and before he leave he was telling me to care about myself because I'm important! I didn't understand him but i said ok and he was so close to me and i felt that he was going to kiss me or something, then my daughter said (mom daddy buy a ring for you!!! And i didn't understand her the point is
Is this a good sign and dose it mean something?


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  • I think it is a good sign and sounds like he probably, maybe, potentially, could possibly looking to reconcile.

    • Do you really think that? :)

    • I do. or at least he is ready to try and be friends. but expensive dinner and all the other things tend to lean towards him having some feelings for you

    • It's a great news thanks for giving me a hope :)

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  • It is a good sign. He has realized your importance in his life. I think he wants you back in his life.

    • I wanted to know why he was acting like this because i still love him and i really want him back :)

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  • I think seeing you with his kids again and you all having a meal, being a 'family' again might have made him see things a bit differently. It's true that we only realise what we have when it's taken away from us. You're the mother of his children so naturally he cares for you and wants you to be safe and looked after :)

    I think it's a good sign he cares about you still, but seeing as we don't know why you separated etc, it's hard to really say whether it's simply because he got very involved in the family moment or whether he is just happy in his life right now and can enjoy spending time with you and the children without any problems.

    • Do you mean that it doesn't mean that we could back together :(

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    • I will thanks for the advice
      You're amazing :)

    • Aww you're welcome and thank you, I hope it goes well! I'll have my fingers crossed for you :)

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