Is he hiding more than he actually feels?

My boyfriend and I broke up a couple months ago but we are together a lot still every week. We are together minimum of once a week. When we are Together it is still so much fun and we still act like we are dating. Then when we aren't together we are texting and talking on the phone a lot. He is always there for him when I need him. He also has told me that he is not interested in finding a new girl. He always tells me to when we are together that I am the only one he has slept with recently and there has not been any other girls in any way. The problem is when it comes to me talking to other guys he tries to play it off like he does not care but always brings it up when something happens with a guy. (Nothing ever bad happens..just flirting and at one point there was one kiss with another guy) He tells me that he "does not care" because I am single and we are "just friends" or we are just "fuck buddies" but yet he does it a lot when we are together. He also does not like me going to his parties because he says he doesn't want me to get upset seeing him flirt with other girls, but at the end of the day he is still calling me and having me come over even if he talks to other girls. So is he hiding/covering up more than he actually feels or is this all true that he does not care?


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  • he obviously still has some sort of feelings for you- be it attraction, love, or jealousy. confront him about it- either he still likes you and needs to move on or he doesn't and it'll put your mind at rest.


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