GUYS/GIRLS: We had a fallout, haven't spoken since. Should an attempt be made to fix it or should we leave it be?

A friend and I had a major falling out a while ago, and since then it has been complete silence on both ends. She deleted me from everything social media wise, but other than that we have not spoken. My problem is that we left it without any face to face interaction or actually speaking to each other. It was all through hearsay, assumptions, and text messages. I want SO badly to reach out to her and see if she is willing to repair things, but she deleted me from social media so I fear she blocked my number too. All of this happened because she heard from someone that I was spreading rumours about her girlfriend. While I was not a fan of her girlfriend, I didn't spread anything but she wouldn't know because we haven't talked. Should I attempt to reach out? Should I leave it where it ended? Please help! Any advice on what I should do and why would be so helpful!! I'm stuck. Thanks!!


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  • I think you have to listen to yourself. Do you want her to become your friend again?
    She believes the rumours, and is obviously very hurt because of them. If you truly want to clear things up, simply try to reach out. But be careful with what you want to say.


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