One whole month of being clingy and begging and trying to talk to my ex, is it too late?

he broke up with me a month ago and he was talking to me about a week ago and he seen me two times, we got in an argument because i pressured him to get back in a relationship now he won't talk to me, everytime i text him he tells me to go away and he said he will talk when he wants to talk, i dont understand :(
im in love with him, i can't forget him and every minute of the day i am hoping one day he will talk to me again, just so scared. we were together two years and we had an on off relationship before this, hed always break up with me then be with me again
what do i do


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  • Relax. Wait for him to contact you and take things slow instead of pressuring someone to be with you, it's unattractive and desperate.

    • How long should i wait?

    • Until he calls, the longer it takes should be a sign how he feels about you. Any more then a couple weeks then he probably is over the relationship and you

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  • I am kind of in the same situ except u havnt begged for him to come back just tried to make small talk which back fired as well I think with men thy want what they can't have as hard as it's going to be drop off the map for a but let him wonder what your doijg and why your not contacting him as much it's what I have decided to do now it's been a week and today is the hardest day but I am determined to do the no contact if anything it may help me see him in a clearer light I suggest you do the same whatever doesn't kill you makes ou stronger and all ;)


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  • You have to calm down. Give him some space. If you two are meant to be together he WILL contact you. In the meantime, just do your things, go out with friends, focus on school, etc. do not try to reach him.
    Remember: you want him to be with you because *he loves you*, not because *you want to*... If you push him into a relationship, you will never know if he really loves you or not.


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