She broke up with me , because she was sick physically and figuratively?

we were together for a year and a half and we had an abundance of arguing but we had great times as well I met her kids they fell in love with me I fell in love with her I fell in love with them but then this kidney disorder came in to where she became weak and broke out into hives and became sick all the time and emotionally she broke up with me and after the break up she refused to talk about the relationship , due to her health. so later she ended up explaining why she broke up with me FLT alone in a relationship that I was very since then what started to talk more she's sending me pictures talking to me on the phone while she's at work.and we agreed that we wouldn't talk about the relation to ship into after she had the surgery that she needed..but at the same time in anger and then times with you we first broke up she said she didn't want to be with me.but now I've made minor changes and being more open minded and she seems to be more open minded as well what do I do?


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  • She might love you so much she doesn't want you to see her like this. Everyone needs a break, just give her time. She is going through A LOT right now and she is confused and worried and so on. I think you should just wait a few weeks (maybe 1-2?) and then come back and talk to her about it. tell her you love her and that what is happening to her makes you love her even more. She needs to hear it, and you need her, so it works out perfectly. -best of luck!!


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