How should I ask my ex for some space?

So me and my ex broke up a little over a month ago. It was for a conflict of futures but he still "really really wanted" me in his life so I agreed to be his friend. He doesn't want a relationship or to even "talk" to girls for a very long time because he doesn't want to commit until he has his future figured out. He promised me that and he knows that I will cut him off if he ends up lying to me.

We still hang out though not as much and we still talk everyday though it's random. It will range to almost all day to once or twice a day, but not as much as we were when we dated (which was just about 24/7, we just very slightly don't talk as much). We never fought until the break up or it was more of me yelling at him about things (because of how he approached the break up).

But what still bothers me is how he could be on Tinder picking up girls, then texting, hanging out, or hooking up with girls from there and also with girls off of Tinder (a hook-up phone app). I know I can't stop it and we're both single again but I still can't handle the thought yet that's why I want to request for him to give me space but I don't want the friendship to end. Even though he told me a number of times he isn't interested in any other girl and there isn't anyone I should get concerned about (after I'd ask him about things), especially since he doesn't have many girl friends. He also told me if he did hang with a girl he wouldn't want a relationship and he'd more than likely be at a Starbucks or coffee shop, "nothing special", and he'd rather do other things with me instead of them.

As you can see, I really care about him and I want to find the right way to approach on how to ask for space without ending the friendship. I just figured I should state the situation on why. So how should I approach this?


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  • You should tell him you need space and then tell him EXACTLY why you need space. Also tell him how much you care about him and you don't want the friendship to end.
    Us guys don't need to be eased into a conversation like this. If we hear all the details straight up from someone then we'll accept that.

    • Should I say this in person or text or what? I don't feel like it will be right if I ask to see him in person just to say that but I also don't feel like it will be right if I was to say everything over text. I know there is no good way to say it, I just want the best way to approach it.

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    • Glad I can help. Hope everything works out the way you want it to.

    • Thank you, me too! Also thanks for helping me out!

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