Ex boyfriend's friend asked me out?

I bumped into my ex's friend (who he also happens to work with), yesterday and he was flirting with me. He was like oh you look so pretty with that makeup. Then he asked if I was doing anything later. I said no not really, and he said we should go to the movies. He didn't mention my ex at all. The whole time I was with my ex this guy was quite flirty so I guess I wasn't all that surprised that he asked me out. But he is a bit older and it would be pretty awkward as they work together. I just thought that it was odd that he would ask me when he is supposed to be close friends with my ex. Don't guys have a code like girls not to date a friend's ex? Do guys care if their ex girlfriend's date their friend? Do they talk about their exes to their friends like about "stuff" they did or whatever? Should I go out with him just to make my ex jealous?


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  • I couldn't do that to a friend, I would be cool with it, but I wouldn't trust that friend.


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  • Your ex's friend is not your ex. They are two different persons. My ex always said that if I liked his friend and we weren't together anymore, I should date him, because what if he is the one for me?
    From my experience, my ex always told his friends about the "stuff" we did. Always made me feel embarassed when I was around with them, but not all guys are like that. Some feel just as embarassed talking about it.
    But going out with his friend, just to make him jealous seems very unfair. Why would you want to make him jealous?


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  • my best friend is currently dating my ex and not a fuck was given.


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