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Recently me and my partner got engaged, were both at the same uni and live in the same student accommodation. Two weeks after being engaged he told me hadn't felt the same in 'ages'. We sat down and spoke about it and it sounds like 'ages' is only just over three weeks. It doesn't sound like a long time. I know what went wrong now and I've had space to myself, he's had space to himself too. I've become more positive about the situation and I want to start fresh. I've done all the obvious things like subtle flirting (and boy is he flirting back) and wearing his favourite outfit of mine. I've made more of an effort with my appearance and I do feel a lot more confident. I've found me again and I want to find us again!! I don't know what to do, I don't want to go running back and ask him if we can start again because I'm afraid it ruins everything- even a friendship we may have in the future. But I don't want to risk waiting for him to come to me because I know he won't because he's stubborn. What should I do? I've never been in this situation before and posting on one of these sights is well out of my depth. But we are all human and chances are 99% of the people reading this will understand even if they haven't been in the same situation. I'm open to advice, I want my man back. I love him and I can't imagine being without him. I'm going home for the summer, we live in different towns and chances are we won't see each other if I don't do something now, please help before it's too late. I have two weeks before I might not see him for four months.


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  • Wait, so in two weeks you will go back to your individual towns and not see each other for four months, but are still engaged?

    Honey, you are going to be in a world of hurt, first of all you need to be focusing on finishing your college degree and not getting married. Don't rush things.

    Second, i'm a firm believer that a couple should go through premarital council before they ever get married. If you can't afford to go to premarital council, then you shouldn't get married.


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  • You need to talk to him if u really want him back u need to tell him how u feel and find out how he feels ask him if he would consider starting over take things slow


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