Why would he ignore me even though we'd been talking after we broke up?

So we had a thing with this guy last year for about two months, but then we broke up when he left town. We remained friends afterwards and we'd always talk.
Four months later, he came back and it messed me up cause even though he was back we still weren't together and I loved him. I decided to take a break from talking to him, he ended up being the one who'd always call and text me. Eventually he figured that out and kinda complained about it and we ended up sorta talking again.
I left town for about 5 months and we didn't speak in all that time. I've seen him twice since I got back and both of those times he's made a point of ignoring me, he pretended he hadn't seen me even though he had, and he's been taking detours each time he sees me.
So I was just wondering why he'd ignore me like that?
Oh yeah and my friends don't exactly like him and they stopped talking to him as much as they used to when he came back. Not sure if that's another reason why he's stop talking to me.


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  • I dont think he's ingoring you because he just doesn't want to talk to you i thinksomething might have happened with him and he doesn't want to talk to anyone or maybe he's seeing someone and she doesn't want him to talk to you or be near you. Im not to sure but maybe you should call him or text him and just ask him

    • I think I'll ask him when we meet face to face and hopefully he won't outright snob me.

    • hopefully he doesn't and if he trys to thats when you have to grab him and tell him you need to know because it is bugging you.

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  • He might be seeing someone right now or he is no longer interested. I don't think that he is mad at you or anything.

  • your friends know something you don't

    • Not really, they stopped talking to him because of me, that I was in love with him and he'd hurt me by leaving town. They were being good friends, protecting me in their own way.

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