I just had a break up and need advice anyone please?

I have been with this guy for 10months and we broke up 2 weeks ago Saturday because of my middle daughter was lying to her dad about somethings so he moved out said we are done he calls the next day saying I love you lets take it slow and start over well today is moving day were moving out of the trailer we shared with my boyfriend and two daughters well this morning he went while I was at work and moved most of his big stuff out and when I got off work I couldn't get a hold of him well after I went there and started packing he calls and decided to go to his buddys house out of town instead of helping me like he said he would i asked when he would be back he said maybe tomorrow but he wasn't sure he got mad when I told him I would have my stuff and my girls stuff out of the house and his stuff would be there cause i ain't packing it so it will be there I don't know what to do we never argue and he got mad and got off the phone with me and now he won't return my text what should I do I love him more than i have ever loved any guy was I in the wrong should I pack his things and put them in my storage until he gets back?
Sorry my daughters father dont live with us it wss my b/f moving out


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  • I wouldn't be bothered; since he isn't. He abandoned his belongings

    • I just feel thst I should pack them and store them until he gets back I don't know maybe thats the psrt of me that tries to take care of everyone

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    • Yw by the way I wasn't gonna pack his stuff but I ended up feeling guilty and went a head and packed it

    • Haha, ok.

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  • Can someone decipher who is living where, BF vs "her dad", "he" = which one, etc?


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