Have you ever felt used by someone?

I had a guy friend that used me for his own benefit; maybe as a way to get back with his ex or I was just a rebound person during the time. Haven't spoken to him for nearly a year since he went back with his ex.

What is your story? What was the aftermath?


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  • If you read my article Recovering From A Bad Relationship, that's part of my story. There is more to it, but I will elaborate more when I write my Theology of The Body series...assuming GAG restores the article feature.

    However, I can give you a brief taste...

    For a variety of reasons, I hadn't had a girlfriend in several years at the time this particular girl and I met. She'd been abused in prior relationships. I think that to an extent, she was looking for someone to take advantage of in the same way that she had been. In retrospect, I think I showed a little more backbone than I realized and she anticipated. When she saw she wasn't getting anywhere, she tossed me aside.

    It was a long road to recovery from that immediate situation. In large part, I found GAG because of that situation (there are probably a lot of people here who HATE this girl because of that :-P)

    The aftermath is what you find in the article. Here's the link...www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a5618-recovering-from-a-bad-relationship


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  • I've actually been feeling like this a lot lately, in general.

    I don't really want to get into the specific stories, but I often feel like people's punching bags... there to give them a boost and then they disappear.


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  • Yeah, but I usually figure it out only after it's happened. Ex girlfriend showed up to the movie theater the next day with her now husband and sat right behind me. Buddy flaked out on me tonight. Last girlfriend has been hanging around buddy and it seems like something's going on. It feels like crap.

  • Yep sure have


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