If a stubborn guy says this shall I take it as gospel and cut him off?

I dented his make pride by saying some silly things mainly to get a reaction from him I got one all right he ended things.

I messaged him last week it's been 5 weeks and everytime i do reach out he gets angry saying things what's to be thank ful for you messing everything up etc... I told him to block me so I ain't tempted to contact him he said he wouldn't block me and it's ok but in the same breath says he has nothing to say to me wha do you say to someone who messed things up he seems to go hot and cold a lot one min telling me I am beautful next he doesn't wanna chat as if we are mates I said to him I will take his attitude and move on he said it's best and I said I agree he said ok is he being stubborn has he found someone else do you think should I just move on? I am sick of clinging to what could be false hope :(


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  • He's needing a different sort of treatment from a gal.
    He feels you mess things up & hurt him, so tries to get some distance from your actions.
    However, he's attracted to your... beauty?, others? (as he says), so his torture is being drawn back by all this to you until he's in your whipping zone again.
    The hurtful things he says are all BS designed to get even.

    • Ummmm confused what should u do ledge him to it? Will he come back do you think

    • He'll be back but very cautious. IF you want him around, remember that sugar catches more flies than vinegar = NO MORE whipping him. ONLY praise... IF you find something irritating and MUST speak of it, call it CUTE.

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  • Move on. Get some perspective. See other people:)


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  • YES... false hope!!!

    and personally... use a comma or a period!!!
    you just made a seven (7) line run on sentence!!!


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