Will the ex-bf ever come back?

He broke up with me after 2years together, saying how he thinks my temper won't ever change and he's really sick and tired of giving me chances. I did NC for 3weeks then broke it. At first he seemed to open up a little. Told me he's unsure about us, but he don't see any point of trying anymore and that he deserves someone who can make him happy. Then I messed it all up by pushing him to get back, and he told me to just stop it.

I'm crushed and I have no choice but to do NC again. Will there still be any chance of the ex-bf coming back for my case? Please help..
The thing is he was a really great guy who kept trying to work things out with me, but I only realised what I had after I lost it. So I doubt he'll come back for the fling reason. Is it all too late to get him back even after some time?


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  • Honestly, no matter what happened in your relationship I can almost promise that one day he will come around again. However he will only be doing so in order to have a fling or something of that sort. Hee'll use you because he knows that you still have feelings for him. So I advise you not to let him back in your life no matter what he says. He left you for a reason so don't give him a second chance.


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  • It sounds like he just doesn't want to be in a relationship with you. I'd let go and move on. Clinging to him only pushes him further away and makes you both unhappy.


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  • i can't see it happening too much water under the bridge n all that been there myself n its horrible wen u still luv someone but u just have t accept it won't work


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