Does he regret breaking up with me?

My boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago and I am so confused he still calls and text everyday and tells me that he loves me still comes and hangs out and when we go places together he still holds my hand or he'll put his arms around me and I am not sure if he is just doin this out of habbit or if he regrets breaking up with me any advice please?


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  • why did he break up if he says he still loves you? O.o

    • We got in a agruement over my 9yr old daughter she had gotten mad and decided she would get even and call her dad and tell him a bunch of junk that wasn't true and she admitted to her dad that she lied and she said sorry but my ex boyfriend did like that she did that

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    • if he breaks up with you and still love you, there has to be something that bothers him. you should try talking about it

    • Thank you

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  • How do you feel about him still doing those things?

    • I am very much in love with him still and am glad he is still around

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    • Thank you ill ask him

    • No problem

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