My ex dump and I heard her talking to one of our coworkers about trying different guys?

I overheard her talking to another girl about trying out different guys...and the other girl asked her if she's gonna try out the next guy. It really hurts especially since I work with her. What can I do to ease this pain.


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  • Most likely she is hurting too but she's probably kind of rebounding, and when girls talk to other girls about breakups they usually encourage them to go after and test out the waters with other guys. I find girls talk in a way where theyre excited about the "newly single" thing but in reality theyre very hurt and their self esteem is kind of down. She may be putting up a front that she is okay and that she wants to try out a bunch of different guys but its just a band aid fix on her pain, it makes her forget about the breakup for a while, its just a way to cope.


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