I feel like I'm about to break NC by commenting on a pic my ex just posted of the girl he left me for...I know its dumb, but remind me why that is?

was dating a guy for a little while before i started feeling i was being lied to.

did some digging found out about another girl, her & i spoke & divulged information & discovered he was with us both.

we confronted him & to my surprised he chased after her & said he never dated me & a bunch of horrible things.

only in that moment did i realize what happened...that i was the girl on the side & i was a fool.

he humiliated me in front of the girl and all the people there after i thought he was my boyfriend.

she spoke to me & said she'd never be with him again after how he acted I don't know if i ever believed her but..

its been 2 months since it happened...he never tried to contact me since i told him i'd tell her if he did.

today i foolishly decided to look at his social media where I see him post a picture of her confirming my darkest fears...

he doesn't regret his decision, or miss me, or feel dumb...but he's with the girl he chose..happy. & i still haven't even began to recover from everything he did.

everything within me wants to comment on that picture so bad...but i know I've been great with NC in terms of direct contact to him...so far & that i'll just look AND feel silly after...

i have never felt so hurt & I don't know how to cope with this amount of pain


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  • Dont give them the satisfaction of commenting on their post instead do some push ups or go punch a tree, better yet post a guy on your site


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  • Dont you dont want to because it start problems and their just make it see you got the issues and your the problem you really know the truth that he no good at all and I really do understand what you went tho I was the girl but the diff is i was the main girl but i ot left for the girl he cheated on me with and she said the same to me but lied. But I knew she was lying.
    See it as you got lucky to get out of a lie. Your not getting used no more. And she with that and shell prob get cheated on again and lied to let her have him. you'll find someone way better ou deserve better.


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  • Simple...: Don't do it, he will feel great thinking you're not over him and will also try to make you see as a stalker or something.


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