Am I wrong? Is it my fault that this has happened?

My boyfriend of a year and a half just told me today on our anniversary that he's cheated on me twice. I'm feeling so lost and hurt and confused. He's made mistake, a lot of them, but has never cheated. I'm so hurt and I was talking to his friend about it and his friend is making it seem it's my fault he cheated... like I trapped him or something?

When I didn't so now I feel I'm going crazy!!

Is it ever the girl's fault the guy cheats?

I've never done anything wrong to him btw, at all.


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  • Never someone's fault that their partner cheated. If someone has courage, they try to fix the relationship and then dump the person they are with because they aren't happy and move on. People that cheat are the types that are either greedy and want to have it all or are cowards and scared that they can't find anyone better so sleep around until they find someone who they can jump ship to

    My current gf said that her ex kind of did the same to her. Blamed her for everything and made her feel like garbage... and cheated on her as well and she still wanted to make things work for some reason. Ditch the guy and find someone better, he's honestly pretty scummy. His friend will back him up because they're friends...


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  • It's never your fault


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