Pls help me out...I dont know what to do...should I breakup or not..pls help me out.pls?

I luv my girlfriend alott...both of our family knows about ourself n we r goin to few days before i came to know that she had past wid 2 Bfs..n had oral kiss.fingering n all..but not sex...she is not interested in her past at all...she loves me...n wants to marry me in. future..but I am very frustrated...tensed.n can't concentrate in my any pls help me out...I actually dnt want to leave her...she told me about past becoz she was feeling pls help me n tell me the Soln...coz m doubtful n narrow minded guy...pls help me..should I leave her or not...n how should I forget her past./?


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  • I am sure you have heard the old saying, sweetie, "Let sleeping dogs lie," and you're no exception to my 'Rough rule.'
    I realize the mere Thoughts of other guys putting their paws on someone you want to marry is very hairy, but you are going to chase her away if you continue barking up the wrong tree.
    She loves You, She chose You, and whatever happened in her past, Allow it to stay in her past.
    She thought by telling you she was being honest, but now you are going to make her regret Telling you, even possibly 'marrying' you if this should continue.
    Beg for forgiveness and kiss and make up. No, why would you leave a girl who is such a loyal and truthful girl? You're a very lucky man.
    Lick your wounds, try hard to put it out of your mind And----when you see her beautiful smile, you should forget she was ever with anyone but You.
    Good luck.xx


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  • The past is the past. You can't fault anyone for their past. I could understand if she did all those things while already in a relationship with you. From what you are saying, that isn't the case. I don't think you should leave her. You both should be eager to move forward.

    • But I remember past every time.N its difficult for me to forget tell me nw what to do.

  • Is that all she did in her past? compared to what i have done it's nothing. She was dumb to tell you about her past, what about your past? i think as long as she was not sleeping around, you should not worry about anything.

    • But she had fingering..what about that?

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    • Finger her.

    • I dnt think fingering her will help me out...I need her bt the bluddy past is not getng out of my mind..

  • You can't hold past actions against her. That was in the past, and before you. You just really need to accept that your girlfriend has a past. She may not be proud of it and you may not like it, but if you really do love her you will look past it and accept it. She probably isn't the same person and has changed.
    Accept that she has a past, move forward, and dont hold it against her.

  • the past is the past can't change it but if you really love her you could accept her past

  • You won't forget it, but you can try to move on. You should talk to her about how you feel


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  • I think you should have sex with her as soon as possible.That should relieve your frustration and tension, and allow you to concentrate.That's what sex is for, and if people don't get enough, it messes with their head.
    It sounds like you're a virgin.When you're no longer a virgin, none of this will matter.

  • You should marry her. Her past has nothing to do with your present and future. If she is loyal to you now, then why think of past? She could have kept this secret for whole life even if she wanted... But she didn't and that's important. Shd is truthful to you.


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