Called the cops on my ex bf haven't heard back is it good or bad news?

Called the cops on my ex bf cause he threatened to kill himself but the last time I seen the police round my house was in march and I haven't heard nothing back I'm a bit worried its bad news.


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  • He could be in the hospital, its normal for them to hold someone there for suicidal thoughts and then evaluate them

    • I asked his cousin James and his cousins perfectly fine, he's not in hospital.just don't get why the police haven't called back is it bad news.

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    • Yes I suppose, thanks :)

    • You're welcome sweetie beat wishes and hope everything turns out just fine for you

What Girls Said 1

  • Just call and see or drive by your exs but don't have confrontation you never know how might go through with the plan and decide to include you in it

    • I haven't seen him for ages he's moved we're not in contact anymore

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