Guy ask after break up for no contact but year later contacts me?

So dated for a few months, known each other through website chat as friends for a couple years. So start to date in person after meeting. He got caught up in a whole mess of bad events; lost job, ex-girlfriend drama, kid having problems with school and break up from ex, no money for housing, etc...Bad events. I ask to take a break, he finally agrees but keep an item of mine that had sentimental value than. We talk abit about everything for the next few months. I ask for 6 months for the item to be returned and nothing. Than no contact from him. I try for a couple months to get his response that "he wasn't interested anymore" than I finally cut off all contact. Over a year later...(5 days ago) he contacts me to return the item. Why after all that and knowing he felt (his words) I needed more than him and we weren't right for each other knowing that the item I pretty much wrote off...he contacts me to return it. Ask me how I am doing? Why even keep it? I mean a year I haven't talked, msged, etc...nothing...I blocked him on everything and he finds me on a dating website. I don't get it. Can someone enlighten me please?


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  • First scenario
    He live you after finally understanding that your the one for him. He needed a way to talk to you and remind you that he loved you a lot therefor he returned it so it would remind you n make you think he took care of this thing so greatly cause it reminded of you and make you feel super romantic

    2nd Scenario.
    He tried. But couldn't find anyone who would bite so he is trying again. Cause he knows you better than the strangers he is.trying to date


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  • maybe he wasn't ready to move on till now.


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  • Probably wise to ignore him. He's coming back because you're the easy option. I don't mean that you are actually easy, just that you've already been together so its easier to reconnect

  • Well, chances are that he's siting on a dating site, nobody is taking his bait, and boom, comes across someone he recognizes and figures his boredom (and maybe dry spell) will vanish.


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