Should I stay in contact with my ex girlfreind?

My ex and I started talking Christmas break. I was attending college 6hrs away which she knew from the beginning but we started talking and ended up dating I asked her if she would be ok with it from the jump she did say it would be hard but she was willing to deal with it until I got home again because I was transferring back home because I wanted to be closer to home. So everything was ok but I admit that it was tough. We really didn't have problems just that she still was heart broken by her bf before me and I felt that didn't allow her to fully be loved by me. So I came home and we hung out and then I came home for spring break and hung out some more. I had 2 months left and our plan was to stick it out, focus on school, and then when I transfer and come home hang out a lot more and have an actual relationship. So, I'd say a few weeks after I left from Spring break she started being very distant form me and her reason was because she felt that I hurt her because I was away and she hurt by that. I would text her and she wouldn't reply everytime I called no answer. S noticed she would open my snapchat but would snap chat other guys and when I asked her about it she said I was being jealous. So we had one small fight bc I was tiered of the bs and told her I wasn't taking and bs from anyone especially if I haddnt done anywrong and she said I messed up. So we agreed to talk once I came home and go on dates. Once I tried to make that happen I asked a day before if she was still ok with it. She said yes. That day I texted and called and got no reply. The next day she text saying she had to get a new phone and didn't have any contacts and sense I unfollowed her on Twitter she had no way to contact me. The thing is she just got a brand new I phone 5 two months ago so im not really believing that. My question is should I stay in contact with her or just let it be? She told me she saw her self with me but not with me being away. If I text her she does reply unlike b4


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  • I think she's being very immature. And if she really loved you, she would wait two measly months. I would focus on my studies and maybe talk when you get back. However she doesn't sound like a person who would be in a relationship for the long haul.


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