Guys/girls, should I take him back? Am I stupid if I do? Please help?

Soooo basically me and my bf had an UGLY breakup like last week which some of you know. I deleted his number and honestly thought I would never talk to him again. He made me cry so much and caused so much pain in my heart and I told myself I would never put myself through that again. BUT I saw him at work today and we actually talked about it. . I truly LOVE this man, but he has a horrible temper and can be hurtful. :( I know he cares about me though, and I've been miserable without him. What should I do? Should I just fall back into his arms like an idiot or completely stop talking to him? OR somewhere in the middle?


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  • Don't go back to him, I did that with my ex my sophomore year and he was a freshman, if I could take back that time and that day I would've walked instead of just turned around. Don't go back to an old love because it's like reading the same chapter again when you know how the story ends. I felt stupid when I go back together with mine and I had the chance to keep on walking too your not stupid. Sometimes you fall and you gotta get back up. People are going to break your heart in life but you have to find that one gentlemen who can make it up to you the next day. I'm single and I'm 17 and I know exactly what I deserve in a relationship and it's not a boy that treats me like a dog or doesn't make time for me. When you go back to an old it makes them look good but its makes us look bad. If I were you I would stand up to him and tell him how he disrespects you and everything don't be afraid to speak up your going to wish you said it sooner. Don't talk to him, don't say a word to him. If he disrespects you and loses his temper with you, you shouldn't be with him. No one should have to deal or put up with that in a relationship. A relationship is like a car you both have to work together or else the car isn't going to accelerate with any gas. If he hurts you or abuses you in any way whatsoever leave him immediately. Don't put up with that in a relationship when you know that you deserve someone so much better you shouldn't have to put yourself through that harm. I wish the best to you and even if you do break up with him it's for the better. There's someone out there for everybody you just have to go out and find him.

    • Thanks so much, you're absolutely right! And very smart for a 17 year old lol

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    • I know I know, you're right. Thank you soooooo much !

    • Your Welcome

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