Ex is still being cold but has come back advice please?

So I accepted the break up with my ex cause he told me too and didn't contact him he came back about a week later and commented on a pic and told me how sexy I still was we had a light discussion and then the next day we had another discussion he is still quite cold with me as I got him really really mad with my actions then he ended it not cheating or anything but to the point he ended things so he seems to be mad still... He's quite stubborn so I know for him to reach out to me must of taken a lot so basically we got onto the discussion about being together and again he said well it didn't work I said well it could in time but I can't make you want me do you wan me he said I do yh and then basically said he wants to see me to discuss things when he's off holiday? And that he does miss me? After that he kind of shut down again I don't want to push him as it will make things worse but today I said did you mean what you said last night and he said yh I want to see you again and to chill out an take it slow? He doesn't really want to make light discussion with me and when I try he either doesn't respond or clams up :( is he just saying all them things to keep my hanging or am I just treading on thin ice I know there is a lot to make up for on my part but I don't want to be used and be waiting while he's living it up on holiday so confused :(


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  • I think it's hard to tell what his true intentions are.It does seem like he may want to work things out but saying and doing is two very different things.I think you should give it another shot and see what happens.But since you guys are not together then technically you can still keep your options open.He may find it hard to express himself if you say he doesn't respond and just clam up.Writing how you feel is a whole lot easier then telling somebody in person face to face.I think you have to decide if you think he is worth the time and effort to see if things will get better.

    • Well he is just really stubborn and seems
      So angry with me still the last message I sent him is you can't stay angry with me forever if you. Want this to work and go forward he just replied ok lol he's kind of treating me like an ass and it's putting me off plus he lied where he was going on holiday which is really odd lol so I think I now have the guts to say to him that I ain't a rag doll and if he's serious about it come back to me when he isn't being such a dousche lol thanks xx

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    • I know but tell him that he's like ok cool but now he has come back a bit I am unsure if I want him esp after lying so when he's back I am gunna give him the cold shoulder see how he likes it cause he's no angel in this whole situation an trust me I ain't waiting for him to come back if have a date tomorrow and I am still gunna go lol x

    • Lol that's good. Im glad your going on a date. I hope it works out. But yeah lying is a big deal breaker for me especially if you catch the person in a lie. Lol I don't think nobody is perfect in a relationship.Everybody has their ups and downs. I have yet to meet a truly perfect couple that is drama free.Hahaha lol Im glad your giving him the cold shoulder.it will teach him not to take you for granted.

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