Did my behaviour push him away?

Hi I'm looking for some advice..I was going out with a great man and things were going well.He started Police Academy and for a few weeks things were not great, he told me he missed me and loved me.For a week I constantly texted and rang until he told me he wanted nothing to do with me.What can I do to make him forgive me?
I think he found the first few weeks of police academy hard and feared the safety implications.He broke down and told me he was lonely and scared and then he pushed me away..I spent a week ringing and texting, I never said anything bad


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  • apologize. tell him sorry you were feeling lonely and needy and you just like and miss him so much. but you need to work on ways to channel that energy into something else rather than bombarding him with calls and texts

    • should i give him a few days space before I do this

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    • what im asking is does he really mean it or is it a reaction to me plaguing him

    • oie. I think it's a reaction to you bothering him. you have to be able to recognize when behavior is becoming too much, overburdening or bothersome... That's why I suggest sending him an email apologizing. Saying you realize you need to work on correcting the behavior, because you will almost always push a person away if you essentially bombard them with calls and what not

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  • I think that he is being a bit needy, but also, so were you to be calling so much.
    I think you need to give it some time. Let things start back up naturally. Give him space, try to think of him more on a friend level right now in how often you have contact.

    • Thank you..He won't contact me at all..Im trying to not contact him at all

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  • Your question description is WAY too vague. We need more details to be able to help you out.


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