Will he forgive me and take me back?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year. I have a 2 year old who isn't his, but her dad is not in her life so it's just us three. In the beginning it was absolutely perfect. I never knew falling in love could be so amazing. We both constantly showed how much we loved eachother and we promised from the beginning to never give up. We met at my close guy friends house and since we got together I slowly stopped talking to my guy friends because of course I don't want him talking to a lot of girls either. He always was insecure about other guys and as his girlfriend I don't want him to feel that way so I was happy to do it for him. It didn't bother me because in the end I want him, not my guy friends. Well we've had little fights here and there because I do sometimes contact my guy friends. It's NEVER anything sexual or anything wrong. It's just as friends. Well he's been out of town for work and he randomly asked me if I've been texting a guy and I replied no, we haven't been texting but we did text once and it was just about how I missed my boyfriend because of him working so much. And I sent him the texts so he could even see it was JUST about him. Well he FREAKED out on me. Saying I lied and that if I wanted to be with him I shouldn't be talking to other guys. I know this is immature but he's saying he's absolutely done with me and everything he says to me is just horrible. Saying I'm a bad mom, and he was only with me for sex. But as the MATURE one I know he's just mad and I constantly forgive him for it. I love him more than anything and no matter how stupid this may sound he is SO good to me and my daughter so I'm not okay with just giving up. If I leave him alone I know he will take it as I don't care. But me constantly trying seems like I'm pushing him away. What do I do? I keep praying and just asking for patience but it's so hard not talking to him. He's saying there's nothing I can do to get him back but he's said that before. Will he forgive me?


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  • First off let me say this. You can do better.

    1: the guy is controlling. He has no right to demand that you not talk to other guys.

    2: it seems like he has all these things he seeks out of you just so once you break one he can leave.

    3: the guy is extremely immature. If he wasn't ready to handle being a parent with you he shouldn't of implanted the idea that he would be.

    4: the fact that he claims he only used you for sext. As hurtful as that statement is, it's probably true.

    5: respect yourself, and your child. Just because this one guy was good for two years doesn't excuse him being such a disrespectful guy in the end.

    6: stop apologizing, you've done nothing wrong. You're just belittling yourself by trying to get back someone whose not worth it.

    Have respect for yourself. You more than anyone else should know you deserve it.

    • It's sad because I know all those things. I know he's immature and controlling but when it comes to how we are when we're good and how much we love eachother it's hard. I've never believed anything more than when he tells me he loves me. We have such a fun and loving relationship it's just when he gets mad he forgets everything good and acts like an ass. But I know that's just how he is. I want to be okay with moving on but he's also the first guy I've ever truly been in love with. I'm too comfortable and just terrified of being without him.

    • What you just described is an abusive relationship. A good relationship there are no, "when we're good." You're always good.

      That doesn't mean you won't fight sometimes, but you'll come to compromise and talk it out. It won't be controlling.

      Moving on is hard, but you need to. It'll take minimum 9 months for residue feelings to be gone.

      But being with him is not healthy, so please do not subject yourself to that.

    • I just don't want him out of my life yet hate me for something like this. He's my bestfriend.

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  • Being you have been together This long, he is just having a hissy fit right now, and probably just needs time to get over it. We all say things when we are angry.
    Yes, I do believe he'll be back, with his tail between his legs, but I also believe, he will be laying down some Ground rules as well...And I do not have to tell you what they are.
    You can either abide by his wishes, or throw in the towel and call it quits. And Put yourself in his shoes if he had sent a text to another, Even if it were harmless.
    Let him go for now. Let him have his space. If you haven't heard anything by the end of this week, then send a text to explain Again how sorry you are, and that it will never happen again. If he responds, this means he is over his spell, and wants to work things out. And if he makes this a lingering thing with a grudge on his shoulder, then leave things alone until He makes a move to either forgive you or---Forget you.
    Good luck.xx

    • I know I'm trying to be as patient as I can but it's so hard not talking to him. In the back of my head I feel like he'll be back because if he loved me like he said he did he couldn't just leave. But I've never been the kind to let a fight linger on. I'm always the one to make things better asap because I hate fighting. He's said he's been done before but this time I'm more scared than ever because what if he feels like I keep messing up. I KNOW it's nothing horrible and extreme I've done to him but he's had bad relationships in the past so I know he's scared just as much as I am.

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    • Yeah I've kinda thought in the beginning that he may be trying to teach me a lesson so that I won't mess up again. I honestly don't think he could leave knowing there wasn't any severe problems that we've ever had. I'm trying to stay positive but at the same time I feel like this may be it. But I honestly have no clue.

    • I know it's hard, I feel you, but be strong. But pushing him right now is not the way, so if you do wait it out a bit, he may feel he has the upper hand to text and talk. Like I say, he may surprise you and text sooner than the end of the weekend.

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  • Ask him what wrong you have done. Try to use logic and reasoning to calm him down.


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