My fiance' left me and said he wants to talk but hasn't said anything. I don't understand?

My fiance' and I were together for nearly 3 years. He had just proposed to me a about 2 weeks before we broke up. We had a really special life and love together although we lived apart after living together for a year. This caused a lot of frustration and doubt from both of our sides. He left for work, it was a mistake we both regreted later. Through the turbulance we were always able to tackle the problems we had and still had a special life, hobbies, and plans for our future. I had thought once we were engaged/married everything would sort itself out because we would be able to actually make solutions to our problems.

The break up - we had known that there was a possibility that he would get a job overseas (I am gainfully employeed and make more than him here). But we had talked about what a great experience it would be and we always said we would just elope (talked about this over a year). After getting engaged THE CALL came and he accepted the job, I resolved that sense we had just got engaged and it gave us an out of the LDR that I would quit my job, sell my, home, and just go with him but we had to elope so I could go with him ASAP. We planned it all out to the T, and then he decided he didn't want to get married. The second option; ok then just withdraw and we can stay here together and keep truckin until we are ready as a couple. He didn't want to do this either. Within a week he packed out and demolished the beautiful home we had built together; but after he was done trailer and all, came to talk with my at my families saying he wants to talk, upset, and it felt sincere. I have tried to talk with him sense then but he has been just angry and bitter cutting all remaining ties... I dont understand what is going on, I love him dearly, and I want to forgive. But I feel like he's just keeping me on the hook incase something else doesn't work out. We haven't talked in 2 days. I'm hurting and dont know what to do, or have any clue what he thinking.
A little more info - literally a week before he got his job, and couple days after we got engaged; I turned down a new job in an agency that I have been busting my butt to get into for over 2 years; simply because it was the right thing to do for us.


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  • It seems like to me that he does want to keep you around just in case things don't work out with his new job and situation.It doesn't make any sense to me why he not marry you and not want to do as you guys had planned and mapped everything out already.You also made huge sacrifices for him.You sacrificed another job for him, time and energy that could had been spent with another guy.To be very honest maybe their could be another girl in the picture.That was my first thought that could make him change his mind and change everything.I don't think it's fair for you to keep waiting to see if he will come back or not.I think you should try to move on and give him the cold shoulder.I feel their is no reason to talk to him because his mind is already made up and what he did to you is very messed up on so many levels.


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