I need help fixing the love of my life.?

This is a story, so if you're down to ride buckle up ===[]===

Monday was me and my girls 4 months. Me and this girl have been up and down throughout this whole thing. But I was willing to stick through that bad to get to the good. Cause she meant the world to
Me, I'd give up anything to make sure she was happy.

The reason we went up and down varied. More times than most it was because of me. Isn't it always the guys fault though? First time she broke up with me cause I was a stoner crook and I see that now, she changed me, showed me. The rest of the times was either me having a problem with some mystery dude. Multiple of them. And the rest were her taking breaks and talking to another guy.

So yesterday, she asked me to change my profile picture to one of us, so I did. I thought it would be cute, so I went to change hers too. When I logged onto her Facebook, she was logged on too.
A couple seconds on her account and a message popped up and it was bad. So I snooped, who wouldn't? And she goes through my stuff whenever she can so I'm not worried. But a yea it was bad, scheming in such a unfaithful way.

But anyway I went to meet her at church that night as she messaged me she wasn't going. Bitch, gas is at 4.50 a gallon. I ain't drive out to this church for nothing. So eventually she got up there and I confronted her.

It went something like:
A-Can I talk to you?
A-I think that we shouldn't see eachother anymore, it's just not fair. I'd never do that to you.
A-I seen the messages.
B-I don't trust you now
A- don't try and act innocent, being real with me would do you more than being fake.
B-that's where we're different, I like messing with people.

So what's left to ask is will you please help. I love this girl so much, but she keeps doing this to me. And I can't lose her. Help me answer some Q's

Did I do the right thing?
How can I help her?
If she does change around, how do I fix this?
Should I tell her mom?
I know she loves me just as much as I do her. It's just something wrong with her. Don't be disrespectful guys, I'm talking mentally. All I want to do is help fix her cause I can't lose her. How can I make her realize she doesn't need any other man.


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  • First off... it is not for you to fix her but try and participate in fixing the relationship but first you must ask her the question , does she want or willing to help fix it. She excepted you as you were first off... that meant something to her to be with you regardless of being a stoner/ crook she showed you she cared...secondly talk about you was stoner/ crook I would think this also may have come with a certain type of behavior ( I could be wrong) which may have contributed to her her behavior with mystery men etc. ( again I could be wrong). Yet the question I would ask you is... Do you if she had other men when you met her...did you know anything about her before she became your woman. Whatever the case what sticks in your mind is that she held you down regardless of what you consider your imperfections. This being said then if you truly want her on your side you know what you need to be doin... ask shorty if she wants this straight up...real talk and when she answer...man up you know what to do...YOU KNOW...Respects

    • What do I need to be doing?

    • Sorry to say game on...let her show and prove...have you seen the mystery guy... is the message on Facebook the only thing you found...if she serious about her hangars...fall back let her reveal herself... call her bluff. This way let her tell you who she is...it was too soon for you give her access to your Facebook...Facebook breaks up many of a relationships especially young ones. Ask her to change her Passover and you change yours. It too much to soon. Hold your corner... don't let her see you sweating... she expects you to react is why she is doing what she is doing...she knows you like her and if you haven't it you sprung and if you did you wide open and she testing to see how deep you fell...the harder the fall the bigger the game. A Woman like this will lose respect if weakness is shown. Remain confident at all times and show strength without becoming physical. Take back your power ( she's stole it) before she knows it gone.. Let her know regardless of your character

    • Or lifestyle that you're man and you are not about people messing with your head... but your not gonna tell her...YOU ARE GONNA SHOW HER. A man command respect by being observant confidant and in control. You are the lion in this jungle

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  • She is leading you on. If you really think she has some mental disorder you might consider getting her to go to therapy. But if she is talking to other guys behind your back and everything else, then you have more serious issues. If she is being fake and lying, then she has no respect for you or your relationship.
    You are hanging on to someone who does not care about you at all. You say she loves you, well no offense, but I love you is three words. Actions speak louder than words when it comes to saying things like that. People throw around a lot of things they dont mean. If she loved you, she wouldn't be doing this.
    You already know the answer to these questions, if you didn't you wouldn't have broken up with her.
    You met her at Church? Really?

    • I thought I had It figured out bro, and then she got into my head. Made me feel like it was my fault.

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  • I'm not sure if it is mental, it sounds like she's keeping you on the back burner in case she can't find something better. She might have love for you but it doesn't sound like she's IN love with you, and she certainly doesn't respect you. I know you want to think the best of people but think of it this way, do you still want to be dealing with this 5 years down the line when you're married with kids? Do you want to come home from the grocery store with a kid in your arms and find her with a guy? Some people are just cruel, maybe for stuff that happened to them as kids or maybe just because they like it. She knows she can do anything to you and you'll always take her back. There's power in that. Power in knowing someone loves you. She likes the power she has over you, she said she likes messing with you. She basically told you she doesn't care about you. I know it seems unimaginable right now. But get out. Find someone who will love you back. Who will treat you right back. You don't want to waste anymore time with her as her backup. You've been dating 4 months... But not constantly, 4 months is way too little to be having all these problems. If both parties are in live at 4 months you can't even think about anyone else, all you want to do is be with your person, you're head over heels in love and you want everyone to know. All of which you might be feeling, but I'd bet my life she is not.
    And you deserve someone who will feel all of that with you


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