I need help fixing the love of my life.?

This is a story, so if you're down to ride buckle up ===[]===

Monday was me and my girls 4 months. Me and this girl have been up and down throughout this whole thing. But I was willing to stick through that bad to get to the good. Cause she meant the world to
Me, I'd give up anything to make sure she was happy.

The reason we went up and down varied. More times than most it was because of me. Isn't it always the guys fault though? First time she broke up with me cause I was a stoner crook and I see that now, she changed me, showed me. The rest of the times was either me having a problem with some mystery dude. Multiple of them. And the rest were her taking breaks and talking to another guy.

So yesterday, she asked me to change my profile picture to one of us, so I did. I thought it would be cute, so I went to change hers too. When I logged onto her Facebook, she was logged on too.
A couple seconds on her account and a message popped up and it was bad. So I snooped, who wouldn't? And she goes through my stuff whenever she can so I'm not worried. But a yea it was bad, scheming in such a unfaithful way.

But anyway I went to meet her at church that night as she messaged me she wasn't going. Bitch, gas is at 4.50 a gallon. I ain't drive out to this church for nothing. So eventually she got up there and I confronted her.

It went something like:
A-Can I talk to you?
A-I think that we shouldn't see eachother anymore, it's just not fair. I'd never do that to you.
A-I seen the messages.
B-I don't trust you now
A- don't try and act innocent, being real with me would do you more than being fake.
B-that's where we're different, I like messing with people.

So what's left to ask is will you please help. I love this girl so much, but she keeps doing this to me. And I can't lose her. Help me answer some Q's

Did I do the right thing?
How can I help her?
If she does change around, how do I fix this?
Should I tell her mom?
+1 y
I know she loves me just as much as I do her. It's just something wrong with her. Don't be disrespectful guys, I'm talking mentally. All I want to do is help fix her cause I can't lose her. How can I make her realize she doesn't need any other man.
I need help fixing the love of my life.?
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