You know you have to go, but you don't. Why?

Have you ever had trouble moving on from something because you were paralyzed by fear?
Have you ever been in that situation? You know that you need to move on, but you fear gets in the way? Share your story. What did you do? How long did you wait? What did you say, and how do you feel now?


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  • I had a boyfriend for two years and I loved him very much. I knew he wanted kids but I was young and wanted to go to school. So I wanted to break up but was afraid I would never find someone who loved me and wanted me for more than sex. I broke up with him and moved on, and I have to say I've been so happy even though I haven't found a meaningful relationship. I know I did the right thing because he bullied me about things and acted like I couldn't make decisions. So now I am much happier and glad I made the leap.

    • Sounds like it was hard, but at the same time, he was pressuring you to go into a director that you didn't want to go in. You were completely just, and I'm glad you're happy now.

    • Do you have personal reason for asking this question?

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  • My ex and I didn't talk for like 5 months when I had broken up with him. He came back in January 2014 and I was in the hallway alone walking to class he called my name and I turned around and it was him. He said he loved me and came closer and gave me a tight hug. I wanted to say please let me go but I got so caught up in the moment i didn't know what to say. I knew I deserved better to. Our relationship didn't last long. He treated me like a dog like I didn't exist so busy trying to act cool and flirt with other girls. I know what I want and i know what I deserve and I'm not going to date a boy that's not going to take our relationship seriously. I believe that girls like me that don't ask for a lot deserve it all. It was the little things I asked him to do and he couldn't even do that. He got arrested for drinking and I was just like I can't do this. I couldn't sleep at night because I was so worried about him. But if those girls want him they can have him. I believe that all young girls deserve to be treated with respect. Not lied to or cheated on, I mean why would you cheat when you already have a diamond it's stupid if your unhappy then leave. I didn't deserve it, I deserved better. I woke up one day and I was like I'm sorry but you don't deserve me. I think it's good when you finally realize what you are getting and what you truly deserve in a relationship. And I learned something else don't ever go back to an old love because it's like reading the same chapter over again when you know how the story ends.

  • Well I was dating a disrespectful jerk who was becoming emotionally abusive. But I felt dependent so it took a long time to leave.

    • I'm glad you got out of that mess. Don't stand for that kind of treatment. Good for you.

  • Abusive partner. Threatened to kill me if I left so I stayed 3 years until he sent me to the hospital where I had to stay for 2 months. He was charged with attempted murder so that's how I got away. Basically forced to. If he wouldn't had been charged I probably would have gone back to him. I see a therapist. I am both scarred physically and emotionally but I never should have stayed. I am better.. It's been years but I still have fears and stay single.

    • You're a very strong person. I'm very happy you were able to get out of that situation. Never be with someone who treats you like that. We all deserve to be loved and cared for.

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