Did my ex break up with me for no reason now?

Over a month ago, my ex broke up with me after 7 1/2 months for two reasons: he graduates in December and he will be traveling all over for awhile with his career and doesn't want to drag me into it. Also, he said he isn't ready for a long-term relationship until he gets his life and career together. He said he's afraid of growing up and that's what people do when they grow up. He decided to do it early because he said he wants to have me as a friend. He said he knew we couldn't be friends after the break up if he did it right before graduation. He said he wanted to do everything he could to keep me around in his life because he really really wants me to. He also promised me that he wouldn't be interested in anybody new and won't be in another relationship before he graduated.

But a summer class he has to take that is required isn't happening anymore due to money issues and he still has to find an internship for August and he hasn't even started looking. He told me he doesn't see himself graduating anymore and doesn't even see himself doing the career he originally planned and doesn't even care about his degree anymore.

So what should I do now? I was originally planning on asking him for space.
Everything that is happening between us right now is because it was under the impression that he was graduating. Now he's probably not.


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  • First, i am sorry.
    Second, if he travels he might be worried of you or him cheating? Im not sure of the trust you guys have.
    Third, maybe he sees him leaving as a burden in your life. Like he doesn't want to weigh you down.

    You shoukd defiantly explain you woukd at least want a straight foward answer, some closure. Hope this helped a little, best of luck.

    • He isn't traveling or leaving anymore because he's not graduating so that is out of the question. A big reason why he broke up with me in the first place. But I am going to ask for a straight forward answer and some closure. You did help me with that. And thank you!

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