My boyfriend & I of 4 years broke up & all of a sudden, I feel nauseous.?

My boyfriend of 4 years & I broke up.. it finally hit me that we weren't together anymore days ago.. for about a week, i haven't been able to sleep or eat. I feel nauseous and like i have butterflies in my stomach.. what does this mean & what should i do?


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  • It's just part of the grieving process. Talk to friends, exercise, cry anything you need to do to process the loss


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  • Its a process I was like that to when my ex broke up with me. I couldn't sleep or anything I had to see his face everyday at school and all I wanted to do was die. But after a couple of months I just pretended he didn't exist and kept on doing my thing. It takes time to get over an old love it took me about 5 months and then one day I woke up and realized what I really deserve and not some boy that treats me like his back up plan or dog. It takes time, just give yourself time to heal. Go out with your friends go to a movie go shopping at the mall, have a girls not out.


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