Why do I still miss him if he's done all this?

Long story short:
My ex kicked me out of our apartment after 2 years of us being together (only lived together 1 month). It was all his choice in an angry rage. (I never cheated or did anything wrong. I called him out for still lying to me a second time about still talking to his ex and I said that I value honesty in a person. I've told him several times I don't care if he talks with his ex if he doesn't lie about it but he still wasn't open.) He said I couldn't 'handle the truth.' So he decides to kick me out for being too 'controlling.' (Because I don't let him lie to me, humph) Anyway, I even offered to come back and talk things over and stay together but he said we had nothing left, etc. But he's been acting so cruel withholding my furniture (saying he threw it away), hitting on my best friend, lying about keeping the apartment, joining a dating website immediately and adding over 20 girls on FB at once, and saying I'm an awful person and all this, and I'm not understanding what I did wrong. He lied to me several times, he chose to kick me out and break up and he's acting like I hurt HIM...Yet I've been missing him. If he's done all these things to hurt me and I recognize what he did was emotionally abusive and he's got serious vices...why miss him? It's been almost 3 months now.


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  • Hey sweety whoever you are im sure ur a good person and do NOT have to suffer to the hands of the jerk :). Basically the attraction rules say that the more a person u like ignores u, drifts away, the more we want them. So in this case, u just need to make up your mind leaving this jerk... Just give him a phonecall & give him a piece of ur mind. Keep smiling dear :)


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  • I was like that a couple of months after my ex broke up with me in January 2014. I couldn't go anywhere it was like I saw his face everywhere at school. But you don't deserve someone like that you deserve better. My ex treated me like a dog, made excuses flirted with other girls, and I asked myself why am I still with this fool after the way he done treated me. I woke up the next morning and I was like I'm done I don't deserve this I deserve someone that will treat me right and that's what you deserve as well. There's plenty more fish in the sea he's not the only one you see. You might still be attached to the past because that's what I was attached to. Don't let it get to you just give yourself time to heal. No woman should have to go through that in a relationship if she has to that's messed up. It took me 5 months to get over mine and it was so hard but I had to do because I don't deserve him. Keep your head, I'll pray for you if you don't mind. You deserve better you deserve someone that will emotionally abuse you. Get up and get out go hang out with your friends or something, distance yourself from him. Meet other people interact with other people. There's someone out there for everybody but he's not just going to come up out of the blue introduce his self to you. You have to go out and find him, he's out that. Don't chase your ex because it shows your weak I did that once and it made me look bad. You'll be okay he's your ex for a reason. Don't ever go back to him because your to impatient to wait for the best. Hang in there, and stay strong please <3 you'll find someone better I promise you.

    • Thank you for that. I appreciate your words. It hasn't been easy. I just don't get why I'd still be so attached even when I can see that he wasn't a good person to be with.

    • Your welcome anytime I don't mind helping out, I went through the same thing with my ex... we got into an argument and he told me to go to hell so yeah. People change, memories fade and that's something that happened with my ex. He started drinking and stuff got arrested at school we're not together anymore and I don't need to be around that. It takes time to heal it took me 5 months and it wasn't easy he always stared at me and everything. Never made time for me, cheated on me on Facebook and so much more he doesn't deserve me. And your ex doesn't deserve you either. You can do better than that I'm sure you can <3 just give it time your prince charming is out there somewhere. I was really attached to mine too but he and I don't say a word to each other and guess it's going to stay like that. I tried being friends with him but it was just awkward. No worries if you ever need advice I'm here <3 I went through it too it takes time <3. I kept asking myself the same thing

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  • You miss him, because the heart doesn't listen to reason. But I think Piroox said it best, make up your mind that you deserve better and keep it moving. There's ton of fish in the sea, how cliche that might sound.


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