What do I do about my ex now that he is giving me space?

My ex broke up with me over a month ago, after just about 9 months. One reason is that he would be graduating and moving away later this year and he said that he didn't want to drag me through that, especially if I was still going to be in school for awhile. Another reason is that he wasn't ready for long term commitment like he thought he was and he won't be until he officially figures out his life and career path. He said it would take many years and he's afraid to grow up because that's what people do when they grow up. He promised me he wouldn't be in another relationship for a very long time and won't be interested in anybody. He has promised me many times and refuses to talk about it anymore because he told me I need to stop worrying. We have become each other's best friends and we established that we have no plans on leaving each others' lives. He said he would maybe date me again in the future when he is ready for a relationship if he lives somewhere close to me because I did nothing wrong in the relationship and to never overthink it.

But now he's not graduating anymore because something major happened. We both live in the same town outside of college so no distance worries there. But he is still scared of long-term commitment even though the graduation issue is no longer an issue. He told me he didn't want a relationship until he met me and he was even hesitant then because of the whole graduation reason.

We still talk everyday and hang out, though I recently asked him for some space for some other private issues. I told him I will speak to him again when I am ready and he knows I'm not lying. I really still love him and I have never met anyone more compatible for me and something deep down in my instincts tell me that he really could be the one. I would do anything for him back. My instincts have never proven me wrong before. We instantly clicked after meeting and we never fought during the relationship.
What do I do, though I asked him for space?
He told me there was literally nothing but those two reasons because I did nothing wrong and that there were no relationship problems (internally). He broke up with me because of issues outside of the relationship and he admitted he's guilty about it
I am the one who asked for space, not my ex. I am not seeing anybody new and will not see anybody new for a long time.


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  • this man lied to you. he wants his "space" so he can "morally" see other people. there is another girl on the horizon, tread carefully. end of story.

    • I'm the one that asked for space, not him... Read this again

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    • Though this happened months ago, you were somewhat right about the new girls on the horizon. Plans have changed for him from what I last know (we talk everyday still, with the exception of a two month long fight we had) and he might not go with his career as originally planned. He admitted on top of graduating, he just doesn't think he's ready for a relationship and won't be for a long time so he's just being that typical single guy right now.

    • When a guy says he is not ready for a relationship, he means... not with you. This is harsh, but this is exactly what he means.

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