What does it mean when my ex tells me not to worry about him finding another relationship?

After numerous discussions me and my ex have had after our breakup last month, he keeps telling me that he isn't interested in anybody and will not for a long time. He also said he won't be finding another relationship for a long time. He also said that he doesn't ever wanting me to worry about that. He also keeps saying to please stop worrying about that stuff and I don't need to worry about it anymore. What does that mean?
My ex also told me not to worry because he wasn't even considering a relationship until he met me. He was even hesitant about commitment back then but decided to take a risk and he said it was a fantastic choice. We broke up bc of inevitable things


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  • It means that you are still in the relationship. You have not ended it yet. When a relationship ends, there is no longer a bond that makes you feel like you need to worry about a discussion to the point of posting questions on boards like this. Consider getting back together and working through whatever caused the breakup, or end it completely and move on.

    • There were two reasons that caused it. The main, valid reason now is that he said he's afraid of committing to a long-term relationship and he thought he wasn't afraid in the past. He said he's afraid of growing up more than anything and that's what people do when they grow up. He said that bump will take him years to get over. The other reason is invalid, though it kind of triggered this reason right now.

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  • What the hell, what he told you just answered this question!

    He's not over you... Duh lol

    • Oh haha I'm very oblivious to these things. He told me the last part today when I asked him for some space and he got aggravated because it wasn't the first time he's told me that. But he did tell me that whenever I am ready to talk to him again, then go for it because he will be there.

    • Well of you like him, then tell him you want to be with him. Stop wasting time. You guys could have been watching a movie and eating sine ice cream while cuddling.

    • I wish it could be like that, trust me. He actually broke up with me because of one reason he was graduating college and was going to be traveling from place to place and didn't want to drag me through that because I would still be in school for awhile. So basically we were at different places in our lives. But he told me that he wasn't graduating anymore because of something that came up. So that doesn't even apply. Then the other reason was because he thought he was ready for a long-term relationship but turns out he's not. He said he has mental and emotional problems and he won't be able to commit to a long-term relationship for years because he's mostly afraid to grow up and that's what people do when they grow up (I'll admit he has maturity problems).

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  • girls keep forgetting that if they keep communicating with the guy than they think that there's always going to be a chance that's my main way to judge if a girl might dig me if I keep hearing from a girl then it's a good sign if I don't March 10 thats that

    • I mean I'm not cutting him off but I did ask for space recently rebecause of other issues (not involving him) but I realize that may have been a dumb mistake

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