Can you fall inlove in a rebound relationship?

I dated a guy for about two years and during that time we were pretty much a married couple. I'm still in school and people used to refer to us as "mom and dad" because we complimented each other really well and are so active in school clubs ect... We broke up about three months ago because we both had so much work and he was neglecting me for work and his duties.

Currently I'm dating this amazing guy that I have known forever and who has liked me since before the relationship he asked me out a month ago and I really like him, but I find that I am stressing a lot about the previous relationship and I'm worried that its holding me back... what can I do? Am I not over the first relationship?


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  • The guy knows you've been dating another guy.

    Be straight with him, be honest. Talk to him about your feelings, Im sure he would be happy to. Especially if he's been waiting that long.

    • I'm scared that might hurt his feelings. I don't want to make him feel as if he's in competition with my ex (he is super competitive and turns anything into something he can win)

    • Not really. It would hurt him more if you left him and went back.

      If you know he's competitive tell him what you want and don't want. If he really likes you, he'll listen and agree.

      Better than keeping everything sugarcoated

  • ... If you like him that much it isn't rebound


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