My girlfriend broke up with me but says she still wants to be in my life...?

Here's the story: Me and my girlfriend (I'm 24 and she's 23) met while I was on a trip visiting friends up north. It was kind of a sudden thing really. We met up a few more times, going to dinner and ice cream. The night before I left we went and laid in her yard looking at the stars. By than we have been seeing each other for a week, nothing official yet. Well after we talked about how I have to go back south for school and what not, I asked her out and she said yes.

Now this was a long distance relationship and it was hard at first. We both are very committed to one another and knew this was something we wanted. I saw her again when she came down to visit her mom. We saw each other everyday for 3 weeks until she had to go back to her dad's. We talked on the phone and skyped every time we had the chance. We had a few fights but nothing that was horrible.

She then told me she loved me the night of New Years. From that night on our relationship grew much stronger. I had finally met the rest of her family and they all seemed to really like me. Her and I did everything together. I had to leave again for school about 2 weeks later but was in the process of transferring closer to her. We planned on getting a place once I was done with this semester. I had just started looking for a place at this point.

Well fast forward to now. We had just spent a month together and after she left she's starting to feel confused. She than proceeded and broke up with me. She said she doesn't know what to feel and that she is battling her heart and mind.She then says I am her best friend and we have always been best friends even during our relationship. I am having trouble figuring this out and need some insight. We were fine up until this point and I don't know what to do. Please shed some light on this... Thanks!


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  • I never think it's a good idea to stay in contact with exes, even if you like them as people, it just prolongs the pain. Sorry bud.


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