Should I leave him alone? Will he come back?I'm not a guy so I don't know why guys do or act certain ways.?

My ex and I were talking on the phone last night. He was texting me thid morning and I told him to call me, we talked for a few mins. Well, we were texting and out of blue he told me he doesn't want to talk for awhile and that he will contact me before summer break. i am supposed to go back hom for summer break for about 3 weeks. I was texting him trying to get answers and I also called him and he didn't pick up. He txted back saying I don't want to talk to you for awhile. I will talk to to you when it get's closer to summer break. he said He will change his number if I countine and he said please leave me alone, thank you very much. I did text him a few more times with no respone, was trying to get an answer out of him. i asked if it can just be for a few days. I dk, why he is doing this.

I don't know what to do, i dk what's gotten into him. i care about him so much and I love him. What should I do? will he come back? :( I wanna e-mail him and see why he is doing this, but I don't know if I should.


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  • he's your ex and he's seriously hurt by you, and from all of this your not interesting anymore, cause you turned out to be not his type, and maybe he's got a new girl he's concentrating on or he's busy with something else like collage for example, just do what he says dont contact him until the time he says

    • It's hard and I didn't do nothing to him! I'm going to break down

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    • Umhe broke up with me. i didn't do shit, we have had so many problems

    • seems like your not his type personality wise

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  • If he broke up with you that's his loss. I was int he same relationship with my ex but we don't talk whatsoever. Don't blame it all on yourself, if he can't see what an amazing gf you are then he doesn't deserve you. I understand it's hard trying to let go of an old love I was there once. But there's so many other fishes in the sea. He's not the only fish you see. Do not contact him or talk to him whatsoever don't do it. Act like he doesn't exist, delete him off your phone or whatever contacts you have of him. He's your ex for a reason he broke up with you... its not your fault and don't feel like it is. Go on with your life move on with your life. Don't try to stay stuck in a place where you know you don't belong its like being in quick sand and your just begging to get out. I understand that its not easy because it was hard for me to, took me 5 months but now I feel better than ever. My ex treated me like a dog, never came by to see me or took me out or anything. And then one day I woke up and I was like i don't deserve this anymore I'm done being treated this way. I did all that I could in the relationship and then I just had to let him go I didn't want to but he wasn't right for me. Its going to take baby steps little baby steps but you'll get through it. Go for someone that knows how to treat you right. Not someone that just says it with words but can prove it too. There's plenty more fishes in the sea. There's someone out there for everybody. Stay strong you'll be okay I promise, good luck

    • Ya well it's ben rough, were planning on getting back together when I go home o the summertime which will be over two weeks and now he said I said something that hurt him an I don't know what it is and h keeps telling m I o an it's messed up that I on:( I don't know what the hell he is talking about!

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    • I don't know what to do.

    • if I were you I'd leave him I wouldn't even stay with him they use those easy words to get you back, trust me I been in it before. I'd move on with my life and meet other people. But the choice is up to you

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  • Don't email him and don't text him. I know it's distressing not knowing what's going on and I totally understand where your coming from but he needs his space to figure out how he feels. This usually happens when guys don't know what they want or how they feel, so that they know whether they care and want to be with you or not. It's selfish of them but it's something they do.

    I know it's hard but you have to just leave him to it. He will either come running back to you, or will not come back. If he's said he'll talk to you before a certain date then hopefully he will, but if a guy who's meant to love you can go weeks without speaking to you, it seems like he's distracted or he doesn't feel the same way. Hopefully he'll hate not talking to you for so long and will talk to you first.

    I had to hide my text box on my phone so that I wasn't tempted to text so this could help.

    • how do u hide your text box and I feel like crying

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    • Feel like breaking down

    • I'm afreiad what if he soesn't contact me:( I'll admit I have txted him a few times and sent short emails, he hardley goes on his email

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